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Kids Doing Homework

11+ Tuition in Shropshire 

Maximise your child's potential for success in the 11+ & independent schools' entrance exams.


Courses available for your child

One to one tuition

Bespoke individual 11+ preparation

11+ Foundation 

Foundation skills in VR, NVR, English & Maths

11+ Boost 

Build 11+ exam skills, speed & confidence


About the teacher

Hello! I'm Louise!


I'm a teacher with 25 years experience teaching children and adults from 11+ to university level. I have a B.A. degree from Oxford University and a Cambridge DELTA from London University. 


I have a vast experience of teaching one-to-one students and groups (both face-to-face and online) and creating engaging and fun materials and activities. 

I teach classes face to face in Shrewsbury, Shropshire and online. 

How I Teach

How I teach

Every child is different. I am able to quickly assess each child's strengths and areas for improvement and prepare individualised lessons.

Every child learns differently. The use of colour, activities that get them out of their seat, games and races make lessons fun and a positive learning experience. 

The 11+ is hard - some questions go beyond what your child is learning at school. I believe encouragement, praise and enthusiasm are key.

As a parent myself, I understand the anxieties of 11+ preparation. I'm passionate about helping every child reach their full potential. 

Boys at School


I teach individual bespoke classes, giving your child everything they need to succeed in a relaxed and friendly setting. 

11+ Foundation Skills

11+ Boost

Foundation classes cover the basic 11+ skills in Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Maths and English in a fun and engaging way.

The 11+ contains unfamiliar topics and question types so it is important that your child becomes familiar and confident with different question types. 


At the beginning, it is crucial to ensure core Maths skills (e.g. times tables) are rock-solid and to expand vocabulary lesson by lesson.

11+ Boost builds on the foundation skills in Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Maths and English and prepares your child for the more challenging questions.


The 11+ is taken at the start of Year 6 and can include topics not yet covered in school. 11+ Boost extends Maths and English knowledge, all of which is a great foundation for SATs and secondary school.

11+ Boost also builds exam skills, speed and confidence.

Mock Tests


Children experience exam conditions and the process of transferring their answers to an answer sheet. Mock tests help conquer those nerves and make the real test seem less daunting.

Mock exams help build confidence and highlight any areas that need work.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss ways to help your child prepare for the 11+.

Book a trial lesson to get feedback on your child's strengths and areas to work on.



To discuss lessons, please contact Louise: 

Phone/WhatsApp: 07960 583116


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